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You tell us where.
We tell you when.

Photo Scout is a new app from Cascable for anyone who loves to be creative with cameras — be it an iPhone, DSLR/mirrorless camera, drone, film camera, or anything else.The tricky thing with being creative with cameras is that the outside can be… somewhat unpredictable. If you've ever found yourself switching between multiple apps checking the weather, the position of the sun, the phase of the moon, the strength of the aurora borealis… then this is the app for you. Simply tell Photo Scout what you want, and it'll tell you when you can get it.You tell us where. We tell you when.

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Photo Scout is currently in early development for iOS, with a TestFlight beta ongoing. If you'd like to join the beta or be notified when the app is launched, sign up here!


If you're in the Photo Scout TestFlight program (or if you aren't, but you're nosy), you can see more details about our planned direction over the coming weeks and how to give feedback over on our Early Roadmap page.

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