Trial & Subscriptions

Information on Photo Scout's trial, subscription tiers, and how to manage and cancel your subscription.

Photo Scout is a paid app, and has two subscription tiers. The Hobbyist tier contains basic features for the casual photographer, and the Professional tier unlocks everything Photo Scout has to offer.

The first time you use Photo Scout, you'll automatically be given a no-strings-attached one week trial of the Professional tier. During the trial, you're free to experience everything Photo Scout has to offer! Once the trial ends, you'll have to subscribe to continue using the app.

You can cancel your subscription at any time, and Photo Scout will pause your scenes when your paid-for time ends. If you re-subscribe at a later date, Photo Scout will un-pause your scenes and you'll be right back to it.

You can manage or cancel your subscription at any time in your Apple ID's subscription settings.

Why Subscriptions?

Photo Scout's servers monitor your scenes to make sure you never miss a photo opportunity. This monitoring requires continuously updated data (such as weather, sunlight quality, and so on), which often costs money to access.

Our goal is to build a sustainable product that doesn't rely on advertising or user tracking to pay the bills. Since monitoring scenes incurs continuous costs, the only way to do that is via a subscription.